Explore Hilton Head //

September 4, 2017

We returned from our first big vacation as a family of four just over a week ago. We travelled over 11 hours to get to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, where we met up with my mom and dad (Mimi + Poppy), and my sister and her family. So there were 6 adults, two babies, […]

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our 3rd anniversary //

April 21, 2015

I’m keeping it short and sweet today. It’s our THIRD wedding anniversary! That’s right… on this day three years ago we were getting couples massages at the Inn By The Sea in Cape Elizabeth, Maine — just outside of Portland. I had my hair and makeup done, and we met our photographer (who would act […]

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Buffa-LOVE // Part 1

April 27, 2014

I spent the better half of my young adult years in New York State. First in Buffalo, then in Syracuse. Basically everywhere but NYC. And if you think that NYC is the ONLY place to be in the great state of NY, you’re wrong. You’re completely wrong. Last weekend Chad, Ari & I made the […]

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get fit! // fitness update

July 26, 2013

As expected, being on vacation hasn’t really had a negative impact on my diet + exercise regimen. After last weeks collosul failure in the exercise department, and the crazy amount of extra moving I’ve been doing from merely not sitting at a desk all day, I feel great! Food // We’ve been eating most meals […]

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dear vacation //

July 20, 2013
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Dear Vacation: Please be full of sleep. And long, hot, showers. And naps poolside. Hell, naps in general would be nice. Please be full of delicious food. And sangria. And ice cream. Please let the weather be wonderful. Not too hot. Not too humid. Just perfect, would be perfect. Please let us all survive the […]

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