new week!

August 10, 2010

A new week means new awesome things to look forward to. So here is my list, in short, of things I am looking forward to this week: – the premiere of the trainwreck Bachelor Pad. I put it on my Google Calendar and reminded BF we needed to record it. Hopefully we will be watching […]

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true story tuesday :: trainwrecks, employment and inception.

July 21, 2010

Last night we went to go see Inception for our $5 movie Monday date night at Plaza Cinemas. It.was.awesome. I left the theater in tears from emotion. I seriously think that everyone should go see that movie. {image} True story. Three cans of Diet Dr. Pepper in one day is too many. Even if you’re […]

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reasons today was awesome.

June 24, 2010

1. I only spent 30 minutes in the license bureau {aka, the DMV} and received an ugly Ohio drivers license and new plates! 2. The Bath and Body Works semi-annual sale. I only shop at BBW during their semi-annual sale. And pretty much the only thing I purchase are the $5 Wallflowers. One word: awesomesauce-amazingpants […]

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this much is true.

April 14, 2010

I was on a serious high yesterday after sticking it to the man, mentally peacing out at work, getting the severe weight of work off of my shoulders. And then, I wasn’t. True story. Not sure why. I think I’ve “checked out” too early & now I don’t want to do anything. Like, nothing. But […]

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lots on my mind this true story tuesday

March 23, 2010

I have a crazy ton on my mind this week. True story. I went to the gym yesterday. & now I hurt. It kinda sucks. True story. I’m literally counting down the minutes until I get to drive back to Ohio on Thursday to see BF. True story. Dancing With The Stars is pretty much […]

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i am always happy on fridays

February 5, 2010

I’ve had a crazy busy and super stressful week at work, so this weekend my plans will consists of: -going out to Salsaritas with Suzanne for dinner Friday night. -going to the gym. -cleaning my apartment. -watching Season 1 disc 1 & 2 of Mad Men from Netflix! -Doing my taxes -Going to Starbucks and […]

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true story tuesday.

September 30, 2009

True story… -I met my first blogger friend, Sara from Stumbling in Stilettos, out for some Starbucks! I had never met a blogger in real life before and was totally nervous (true story). But I had an AWESOME time! I didn’t realize exactly how much we have in common (long distance relationships, Syracuse, vommit phobias… […]

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in celebration of Monday… a new post!

June 8, 2009

Happy Monday! Umm as happy as a Monday can get! 🙂 Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! BF and I kept a low profile this weekend. Friday night the only thing we did was go to play some tennis. BTW, this was my VERY FIRST TIME playing tennis. It’s safe to say I suck. But […]

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Gathering my thoughts.

May 26, 2009

I’m feeling like I have a lot to catch up on today… The long weekend may have done more harm than good. I’m not complaining, I’m just saying that in life, I need as much time to focus as possible. I haven’t posted anything since Saturday; I had over 200 work emails this morning; I […]

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April 15, 2009

-Half-way through the week! Woo hoo! -Today is supposed to be the day that I get the call about the job (usually never happens on the day they say it will tho). -Picked up our pottery last night. It looks beautiful! 🙂 Mine is the Blue/Green Plate; Chad’s is the Red Sushi Platter! -Mailed my […]

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