maternity leave

a new chapter //

May 20, 2016

A week before Christmas, my life turned around completely. I lost my job of 10 years at 36 weeks pregnant. It felt like an absolutely horrific life event. But? Life really and truly does have a way of working itself out. I never could have imagined that just a couple weeks later I would be coaching […]

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Remy Bea // 3 Months

April 29, 2016

I’m quite possibly the worst mom ever. OK, OK. That’s quite dramatic. But I may be the worst bloggy mom ever. Because not only am I horrible at updating my blog, but I’m completely awful at taking pictures of Miss Remy Bea. I swear I took a picture of Ari every single day as a […]

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Life. Exhaustion. And a rare weekend blog post.

April 10, 2016

I typically reserve my weekend for things away from this blog, but this weekend has been quite unusual. And I just can’t today. I can’t go on today without sitting down and venting this all out. Because all day Friday through Saturday morning (about 7 am) were absolute hell. Nothing went particularly awry, per se. It was just one […]

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a teething newborn is the absolute worst.

April 8, 2016

Truth. I wouldn’t wish a teething newborn on anyone. Know what’s worse than a teething 6-month old? A baby that still does not have head and neck control, but is somehow popping teeth through; a baby that is just beginning to sleep longer than 2 hours a night, but is somehow popping teeth through; a […]

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The Only Banana Bread Recipe You Will Ever Need

March 30, 2016

Since I lost my job in December (eek – still stings a little to say!) I’ve been upping my domesticity game in a major way. Not only have I been keeping myself on a ‘cleaning schedule’ [ugh — that sounds terribly domestic], but I’ve also been trying to stay on a meal schedule of some […]

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Remy Bea // 2 Months

March 29, 2016

Little Miss Bea turned 2 months old last week — and we welcome this milestone with sleep regression and lots of teething. Yep. You read that right — teething. Already. In fact, Little Miss has been teething since she was 6 weeks old, but it wasn’t until 2 relatives and our pediatrician confirmed it that […]

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life update

March 24, 2016

Since Remy Bea was born (you know… TWO months ago), life has been a roller coaster, which I’ve talked about. Extensively. Like, extensively. And this here blog has suffered the wrath of long days and nights… By the time I have a few moments to myself to sit down at my computer, I just stare at […]

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sunshine + mom-time

March 10, 2016

Friends, ya know what makes postpartum life even more excruciating? Complete lack of sunshine. But the weather gods shone down upon us the last couple of days and blessed us with a 75 degrees in Ohio. In early March, nonetheless!! This little family has had several really rough days over the last week. Like, 7 straight hours […]

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lessons learned in parenting 2 kids for only 2 weeks. AKA i know NOTHING.

February 10, 2016

I’d be lying if I said adjusting to two children has been… easy. ‘Cause it hasn’t. I feel pushed and pulled in so many different directions. And I’ve mentioned to so many Mommy-friends that I feel super busy, but I’m not actually ‘doing’ anything. [and then those friends gently remind me that I’m keeping an […]

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Baby L Watch 2012.

October 11, 2012

I’m two days past my due date. And this is my third day of maternity leave. So far? I’ve deep cleaned every carpet in our house; I’ve made several freezer meals — including chicken pot pies, mexican dip and buffalo chicken dip {recipe + directions to come!}; I made a batch of homemade pop tarts […]

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