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December 19, 2016 in mantra

After having a weekend of laying-low from social media (aka – pretty much staying off entirely), I’m looking forward to this week. We have a ‘light’ schedule at work and preschool. And we’ve cancelled all of our holiday plans! That’s right — CANCELLED. After being sick as dogs for the last 7 weeks, we decided to cancel all of our familial obligations and just stay home!

And I’m so grateful that we did. Because I need a break, y’all. It’s so easy to get run down during the hustle and bustle of the holidays. I want us to be healthy for the new year so getting extra run down just isn’t an option for us. And having cancelled all Christmas-y things?? It feels freeing, y’all! Like, totally freeing!! All I have to worry about is us!

And I’m just so damn content. It’s the week of Christmas. My family is on the mend. My mom and dad came up for a quick visit this weekend. Life is just so good. And my life is in no way extraordinary. It’s just blissfully mundane. 🙂

I wish for a truly healthy week this week. Seriously. I’m hoping it’s all behind us! We got hit so hard with that darn stomach bug last week. I was out of work all the way through Thursday. It was awful. It started with me, then moved to Ari, and then Chad, and then back to me, and then Remy. I just started to eat like a normal human being again. It’s taken me days to recover.

Happiness is having my mom and dad up for the weekend. We didn’t do anything special or particular. But the fact that Ari and Remy are at an age where they just really want to play. They’re so active and fun — and so excited to see their Mimi and Poppy! I seriously was just so happy watching them play.

Weekly Mantra:

I’ve been working my tail off to reach my goals lately. So, yeah. I believe in ME. Let’s do this, week!


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