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November 24, 2016 in holidays,thanks,Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is here! This holiday has long-been my absolute favorite. But over the last two years, that has changed. It still ranks high on my list of favorite festivities; but having kids means that Christmas is actually quite amazing. I will admit, this year I have found myself itching to put up our Christmas tree and decorate accordingly. But I’ve held off. I told Ari we would decorate tomorrow.

Because today we give thanks.

I’m thankful…

  • that, although Miss Bea has been miserable and sick all week, both of our children are happy and healthy.
  • for our jobs. My husband works so hard to provide for our family and I am incredibly grateful. And my job fell into my lap at the weirdest time in my life — and it has made me incredibly happy and fulfilled.
  • to have a warm bed, in a warm home, with plenty of food to eat.
  • for my health — and the ability to see a healthcare provider with just a call.
  • for my family. My sister, brother-in-law, and parents, mean more to me than I can even put into words.
  • to be a Mom and wife. For those who are new around here, it may surprise you to hear that I never really wanted these roles. But it’s crazy how life works. And it’s crazy how things change. I am so incredibly grateful to have Chad, Ari, and Remy. They are my entire world.

And today I will spend my day, offline, enjoying my time with my family. We are currently eating blueberry pancakes, sipping on coffee, and watching the parade. In a few hours we’ll head to my mother-in-laws house to eat a delicious meal, surrounded by love. And long after the kids are asleep, I’ll sneak out for some Black Friday shopping — completely alone!

To all of my friends, near and far; old and new; I wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you fill your day with things (and people) that make your heart smile!

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