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October 31, 2016 in mantra

This week I start a new session of gymnastics classes, which means a whole new group of kiddos (and parents!) to get to know. I always get so full of nerves at the beginning of each new session. I know it will be fine.

I’m grateful for long weekends and lazy Sundays. Our weekend was mega, mega, busy. Well, at least Friday and Saturday were. Sunday? Not so much. Ari woke up and said “Mommy? Let’s not go anywhere today.” And we obliged. [Little did he know that was the plan all along.] He legit did not even get out of his PJs. I, on the other hand, did manage to clean the whole house [woooo hoooo!!], finish all the laundry, and take Miss Remy Bea on a little trip to Target, just the two of us! It was a perfect lazy Sunday.

I’m content the most in the Fall. There’s just something about the crisp, Fall, air!

I wish and hope for (the one thing I’ve wished for for months now…) a week filled with sleep. I’m not even asking for, like, a solid 8 hours. Nope. Just, like, a good 6 hour stretch. She’s nine months now… it’s about time, right??

Happiness is hot coffee, a fresh donut, and a run with the kiddos on a cool, Fall, day. Gosh, I just freaking l-o-v-e FALL!

Weekly Mantra:

Because, maybe. Happy Monday, yet again, friends! ♥ ♥ xo

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