This week is Ari’s last week as a threenager. That’s right — next weekend Ari turns the big f. o. u. r. I can’t believe it! I have a(n almost) four year old! How!?

I’m totally grateful to have had a semi-relaxing weekend with Chad and the kiddos. Saturday, Ari and I had a Lowe’s Build and Grow workshop (again) and then I took the kiddos to Sarah’s Vineyard for a playdate (and wine date!) with my friend Gretchen and her boys.

Girl time with Gretchen was way, way, overdue! Each of us having two crazy kiddos + the normal hustle and bustle of life have just gotten in the way. But we picked right back up where we left off last time I saw her. — That’s the beauty of great friendships, right!?

It was also my first time at Sarah’s Vineyard — and it is totally beautiful (minus three drunk adults who decided to yell at our boys… HUGE props to the staff at SV for telling them to get lost!).

Post-girl date, Chad & I actually had a date lined up for ourselves! Another awesome friend (my tribe is awesome!) volunteered to take the kiddos for us so Chad and I could go celebrate my birthday. And guess what we did? Well, Chad dropped me off to get a haircut while he went into TJMaxx to try on some clothes! Ha!

But really, then we did go out to dinner. We were even home early enough to all get some sleep! We had family pictures scheduled bright and early Sunday morning. We shall see how those turn out… ha!

I’m super content for a Monday. I just am. Perhaps it’s because Remy is napping; perhaps it’s because she also slept last night; or perhaps it’s because I cleaned last night and I’m not rushing around today. Who am I kidding… it’s because of all of these things! Oh, and coffee. Lots and lots of coffee!

I really wish for a smooth week ahead.

Happiness is Autumn weather and toddler snuggles. Seriously. We’ve had so much of both over the last week. I love it. ♥

Weekly Mantra: 


(via Marvelous Mom Tribe)

Have a good week, friends! xo

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Emily October 10, 2016 at 7:19 pm

The first part of your date cracks me up!!glad you guys had fun!! 😊


Angela October 10, 2016 at 10:15 pm

Thanks for using my graphic! It’s one of my favorites. I’m Angela from Marvelous Mom Tribe in car you were wondering!

Also…congrats on surviving your threenager!!


Rachel October 10, 2016 at 10:16 pm

I hope you don’t mind! I’m a HUGE fan!! 😘


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