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October 3, 2016 in mantra

This week is my birthday week! Which, let’s be honest, means nothing. But still! Another year has gone by! Holy smokes!

Last week was super rough. Looking back, I had all of these expectations at the start of last week. And really, the only day that went according to plan was Monday. I KILLED Monday! But by Tuesday it was clear I peaked early in the week. lol. So the rest of the week was fairly miserable. And I spent the better part of it questioning my ability to be a mother. Yay emotions. /sarcasm

So now I’m just grateful to have a new week with a new storyline. Yep. Executive decision. And I’m content with last week, as awful as some moments were; it’s over. It’s done. That’s it.

I wish for a fun birthday with the fam! We’re all headed to the pumpkin farm, which is now pretty much a 3-year tradition in our house.

Happiness is almond milk at Starbucks and the first (almond milk) PSL of the season. Big thanks, to my parents, for picking one up for me yesterday morning!

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Have a good week, friends! xo

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