Ohhhh, thirty-two! To think… not long ago I was terrified of turning 30. Now? Now I embrace my age! Even though the last several [okay… many…] birthdays ‘meant’ nothing, I was still somehow hung up on getting a year older.

And even though this years birthday came and went without fanfare, there was something extra special about it — for that very reason!

Per my request, we slept in (….ish). And then headed to Maize Valley Winery for some family fun! Yes, it’s a winery (and brewery!), but they also have a huge corn maze, hayrides, pumpkin picking, pig races, and (my personal fave) “Pumpkin Chucking.”

Both kiddos did remarkably well. I even ran into fellow blogger, Jacquie, from Cleveland Kiddos! (but, of course, we were ‘bad bloggers’ and forgot to get a picture together).






After our fun day at the winery, we went dinner, came home, gave the kiddos baths,and put them (and ourselves) to bed. It was totally ordinary and totally amazing.

If Wednesday was any indication of how this year will go, I’m totally ready. Ready for the chaotic, ready for the crazy of two kiddos at events, ready for the meltdowns and exhaustion, and just plain ready for this new normal.

My life may not be exciting, but it is ordinarily perfect! Thank you all for the birthday love!

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