We took a little trip to Columbus to see my sister over last weekend (like, a week ago…). Chad had not yet our new nephew, Brennen, and my sister had some stuff coming up which made me want to visit her even more! So Saturday morning we packed up the car (way more than we needed for a two-day trip!) and started our 2.5 hour trip!

I’m SO happy that my children decided to rest on the trip down so that by the time we arrived we were rested up and ready to play! In fact, our first order of business was to head to a local trampoline park to celebrate Ari’s birthday!

It was my sister, Shauna’s, idea. I was like “ehh, he may not like it.”

Guys. I was wrong. So, so, wrong.

Dude took off like a bat outta hell! I couldn’t believe that my kid was being ballsy! Whaaaat?! Where was my shy boy!? Apparently when you turn four, you aren’t afraid of anything anymore.

Happy fourth birthday to the one who made me “mommy!” You are perfect in every way😘

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At the jump park he was convinced — absolutely convinced! — that he wanted to go into the “hurricane machine”. We let him watch another kid in the machine, and, even then, he still wanted a shot at it. I was wearing Remy, so I sent Chad in with him. And it was hilarious.

And, of course, he hated every second of it. He tried. Ohhhh, gosh, did he try to like it!

Post-jumping, we headed to lunch at Hale’s Ales + Kitchen for some gastropub fare and beers! Oh, and then to The Daily Growler for some CBC Bodhi! When we got home we all relaxed and played and fed the babes before doing a little (extra!) celebrating of Ari’s birthday, with the help of cupcakes and presents!

He was so excited about the sprinkle cupcake — as well as the gifts, which consisted of a Star Wars Playdoh playset and the board game, Sneaky Snacky Squirrel. We ate cake, the adults sipped on tasty craft beers, and we played toddler board games (which, of course, he insisted on winning…), before all going to bed ridiculously early.

We spent Sunday morning lounging around, feeding, eating, and just general relaxing before Shauna and I headed out on a big Costco trip! Haaaa! How basic (and mom!) do we sound!?

Eventually, we had to head home to Akron. It was such a nice visit, but — gosh — I was totally looking forward to sleeping in my own bed! Granted, Remy slept okay-ish during our trip, which was a first! Yay for small victories!

I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to spend time with my sister (and her new family) and my little family! It was perfectly relaxing (even if it took me a week plus to blog about it!). ♥


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