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September 26, 2016 in mantra

I’m totally ready for this week. Looking at my google calendar, my week appears to be crazy busy. But ya know what? We thrive on crazy around here.

I’m grateful to have had a fabulous weekend with my amazing family. It was uneventfully eventful. More on that later.

I’m totally content. Period.

I wish I could focus more. I feel like my mind is constantly going a thousand miles per hour. For the last year I thought I was so spacey because of Remy. But honestly? Even with sleeping a little bit more, I feel like I must just be in a constant state of exhaustion. Unable to think properly. Unable to write out sentences. Or speak. You know. Normal mom stuff, right? (sigh)

Happiness is a decision I sometimes have to make. I know that statement sounds, well, weird. But, for real, sometimes when I’m knee-deep in baby poop and toddler attitude, and exhausted beyond measure, I have to take a deep breath and remember that I. am. HAPPY.

Weekly Mantra:

Spread love, friends. Lots of love. And let’s have a great week. xo


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