This weekend was a freaking roller coaster. Friday night Chad and I went on our second date since Remy was born. It was really nice. And super nice of a dear friend to watch the kiddos while we went out. But guess what? Our “date” was only an hour long — and not for lack of trying! We even ate slow! But we were both so exhausted that we just headed home to pick up the kiddos afterward.

On Saturday we went to our friends’ daughters birthday party! We all had the best time! The kids were so tired that they actually slept for a half hour on the way home (that never happens). And seriously we were all in bed at 7:30.

But Sunday was a whole other story. Sunday was a cluster-f. There was an old-timey festival we wanted to take the kiddos to — Yankee Peddler. We left the house in the morning with all of our necessities for the day. Well, Ari had other plans. He legit lost his s**t shortly after we got there. He was a straight up nightmare toddler. And it was exhausting.

Of course, Remy was being an angel. I was wearing her in the Ergo the whole time. And at one point, I went to find some shade to feed her. Well, as I was walking to the shade, a HUGE bee landed on her and I dodged it, but my foot slipped and I fell. Yep. I fell. While wearing her. And I rolled. But I put my arm around her and shielded her from the fall. However, my body HURTS now. Big time. And neither of us got stung!

We left. I cried. I was so frustrated with the whole situation. And my toddler. 😭

And, this week I’m seriously headed for (another) breakdown. I kinda have a bit too much on my plate, work-wise this week. I know, I know… I’m not even working full-time. However, this week I’m working ALMOST full-time. And bringing the kiddos with me. We are all going to be worn out. Heck! I already am worn out and the week is just starting!

That being said, I’m grateful to have a job where I can bring my kiddos with me and not have to worry about childcare!

I’m content with our current almost Fall weather! Just the slight cooling off that we’ve had has been glorious! 😍

I wish and hope that this chiropractor appointment we have for Remy helps her. We’ve been waiting ages to get her in (ok just three weeks). Girlfriend needs some help with sleep!

Happiness is a good meal and a happy family.

Weekly Mantra:

In a week that’s sure to be full of craziness, I need to remember to count my blessings and just, well, BE HAPPY.

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