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September 5, 2016 in Akron,explore locally,mantra,mommyhood,pictures,weekend,Zoo

This week is not only a short work week (obvy) but it’s the start of preschool! Which really means two things: 1. My new preschool gymnastics classes start tomorrow! My first ‘full year’ of coaching these little nuggets!; and 2. Ari starts preschool for the first time.

I’m so excited for him and so sad that my baby is so grown up already! There will be tears, ya’ll. Lots of tears.

I’m grateful to have had a weekend filled with family time, including a trip to the Akron Zoo with the kiddos and our friends. It was Miss Bea’s first time at the zoo, and our first trip in a very, very long time (boo to that rough pregnancy!). Even though we had let our zoo membership expire, this trip solidified our need to start it up again!

I’m content knowing that I can take the kiddos to the zoo by myself on days when Chad can’t come with us. The zoo is small enough and the parking is close enough to where I can easily navigate wearing one kiddo and pushing the other in the stroller! I feel like it’s such an underutilized gem here in Akron!

I wish little Miss Bea’s teeth would come through already! One tooth down, plenty more to go. Sigh. This kiddo is a hot mess!

Happiness is (still) a clean house on a quiet morning… Seriously. Oh, and trips to Target alone! 🙂

Weekly Mantra:

I need this. Perhaps you do, too.

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