I HAVE SO MUCH TO TELL YOU! Seriously. I just took a peek back at my 7 month post and the changes from then to now are astonishing.

Let’s recap, shall we?

  • She’s sitting up. I mean, she kinda was before. But now she’s 100% unassisted, no-wobble, sitting up.
  • Speaking of no-wobble, she’s doing much more than just sitting up! She is standing! Nope, no crawling — yet! But the chiropractor and I are working on it! (More on that later!) She can push all the way up to all-fours — she can scoot across the floor on her back — but she just hasn’t crawled yet.


  • She’s playing independently. The other day I set her in the middle of the floor, sitting up, surrounded by toys, and I walked away. See, this child of mine? She’s been difficult (as if you didn’t know that!). But I mean, she has not let me out of her sight in the last 8 months. Until last week. She just … played. That ten minutes was sacred. Sacred, I tell you!
  • Over the last month she said Mama. A very, clear, Mama. I know, I know… Babies are supposed to say “Dada” first. But it comes as no surprise to us that she has chosen me. Because, girlfriend is Mama needy in the worst way, still!
  • The sippy cup is a fun toy. But she has yet to really drink from it. Oh, and still no bottle.
  • She is certainly responding to her name. And taking a lot of interest in people who are talking.
  • Food. This chick l-o-v-e-s food. She eats anywhere from 5-8 jars of food a day. !!!! This chick. Seriously. And she’s still nursing every few hours.


  • Shaking her head no is her jam. And it is the cutest thing in the universe!
  • I am able to steal exactly 31 minutes a day away from her. Watching Baby Genius Nursery Rhymes while jumping in her jumperoo is her most favorite thing to do. So I am able to hop on the treadmill for those 31 minutes. Oh, and she can still see me from where she is… so she “checks” in on me and keeps peeking in on me to make sure I’m still around.
  • We’ve been seeing the chiropractor for about 10 days now. So just before she turned 8 months. And in those 10 days we’ve seen quite a change. The doctor noticed that her flat(ish) skull and spine curve explains much of her (and our) misery. She’s been doing cranial sacrum therapy on her. And in the last week and a half, my up-all-night child has slept. I mean, she still wakes up a couple of times (and it sometimes takes her a while to fall back asleep), but she is sleeping more than before!


  • But I’ve also had to cut out dairy. The chiropractor thinks that because she has had UTIs and been on antibiotics, her gut isn’t as healthy as it should be. Enter probiotics and going dairy-free. It’s been a struggle, and I feel like I’ve been eating nothing but protein and veggies, but overall I think it’s making a difference in both of us!
  • She’s standing by her nickname, Monster. She growls like a freakin’ zombie. Actually, Ari randomly said that she should be a zombie for Halloween. On point, kid.

Things are far from perfect. But things are on their way. I’m just feeling a bit more optimistic these days. I’m not sure why. I just am. Perhaps my PPD is starting to fade? We shall see, friends! We shall see! For now, we’ll be enjoying this (semi)-happy baby we have.

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