Preschool // The First 2 Weeks

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We did it! We made it through the first two weeks of preschool. I was worried I would be a wreck. I was worried he would be a wreck. I was worried we would be all worn out by noon. It turns out none of that was true. I mean it. It’s weird.

The first day //  Ya know all those cute “first day” photos your friends posted on Instagram? We tried to get one. And as you saw from my previous post, Ari was not having it. He was all kinds of threenager attitude. And because of his inability to cooperate, I wasn’t feeling at all sentimental that day. In fact, we were running late. I was ‘starting preschool’ that day, too. I was far too nervous to get all emotional.

He had zero reservations about leaving me when I dropped him off. So I quickly left and caught back up with him in between my first and second gymnastic classes. I walked into the locker room/bathroom to pee, and there he was — all nakey and getting dressed after his first preschool swim class! All I could hear was his little voice saying, “I don’t know how to put my underwear on!” 🙂 Ha! It was the cutest!

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to pick him up. I was knee-deep in coaching. But when I finally saw him, I asked him how his day went. His answer? “Good.”

Me: “What did you do?”

Him: “Nothin’.”

For real!? Are you a high schooler or a preschooler!? Unbelievable!

2nd and 3rd day of preschool  //  Surprisingly, we had a couple of “I don’t want to go to preschool” days. I don’t actually think it was about preschool. It was about being too tired and not getting a good night of sleep.

Each day after school he has had little to report. However, he did say “I sang the cookie song!” Which, apparently, is “Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?” He thinks it’s THE FUNNIEST song in the universe of songs.

And also? We turned in his first ever Scholastic Book order. No joke, that made me cry more than dropping him off the first day did. I mean, this means he’s a REAL preschooler now! OMG!

On the third day of preschool, his teacher told us that when they enter the classroom they will be looking for their names on the “Who Is Here?” board. Once they find their names, they flip it over and see a picture of themselves. And that’s how the teacher knows they are present. Well, there just so happens to be an Aria in the class (I blame YOU, Pretty Little Liars!). At first he thought Aria’s name tag was his, but then he searched over the other 15 names and found his. No questions asked.


Proudest. mommy. moment. EVER. Seriously.

4th day of preschool  //  It was “wear something red” day. He wasn’t thrilled. But he came home with a huge smile and a handful of ‘crafts’ from the first two weeks of school.

Oh, and he’s obsessed with his backpack. Like, obsessed. It’s cute. He puts it on at home and just wears it around.

So yeah. His first two weeks (aka – 4 days) of preschool were the most uneventful event that has happened in a long time. He’s already growing so much and I can’t wait to see where this year takes him. BE-yond excited for him. ♥ ♥

Let’s do this, kiddo! Let’s do this.


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