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August 8, 2016 in mantra

This week I’m ready. Ready for work; ready for our crazy, hectic, schedule; just ready for it.

I’m grateful for another weekend with the family.

I’m content with my schedule… crazy as it may be. Although I could use a few more hours of sleep. Or really, any. I just really, really, love routine. I’m a creature of habit! I can’t help it! 😛

I wish my phone would have backed up properly before it decided to delete all 1700 of my photos. 🙁 🙁 Thankfully, I did have most of them emailed to myself. But not all of them. Sigh…

Happiness is two well-rested children. I mean, I’ve pretty much given up on getting sleep myself. But our whole ship functions at it’s best when the little ones have slept.

Weekly Mantra:

Because I’ve got nothing, dudes. All I need today is for my coffee to be stronger than Ari. For reals.

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