Remy Bea // 7 Months

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Guys – SO much has changed in a month. And I cannot believe she’s already been around for over half of a year!

Here’s a bit of a Seven Month Update:

  • She still isn’t sleeping well. But most nights I can get her to sleep and have about 3 hours before her first feeding of the night. So the hours from 8pm-11pm have been a saving grace for my sanity. Honestly. Because then she’s awake every 2ish hours from there on out. Blah!
  • No UTI’s this month! Hallelujah!
  • After her last round of antibiotics was complete, we started her on solids. Girlfriend l-o-v-e-s to eat! Seriously. Ari didn’t really show any interest in food until about 8 or 9 months. But this chick was showing interest in whatever I was eating or drinking for months now! So I really shouldn’t be surprised that she chows down on all of her baby food.

IMG_0223 (1)

  • When she doesn’t get what she wants in a timely fashion (whether that be food or picked up), she growls and grunts.
  • Thanks to her love of food, girlfriend has packed on some serious L – Bs. She’s up to 14 lbs 13.5 ounces!
  • Her nicknames are: Miss Bea. Monster. And Chunka-Monk. Monster because that’s what she sounds like when she’s growling. And Chunka-Monk because girlfriend has some chunky legs and cheeks!
  • Her 3-6 month pants are officially snug on her little chunky thighs! It’s the first time I’ve ever experienced this with either child, so I was so happy to see her legs chunk up!
  • Miss Bea’s favorite foods are banana, peas, carrots, squash, and apples! I’m fairly certain this child is going to out-eat Ari for the rest of her life.
  • Still no bottle, friends. Super frustrating. However, over the weekend Chad took Remy on an excursion without me! The only way he is able to do this is because I nursed her right before she left and she’s eating so much food that she was OK until they arrived home!


  • I’m definitely still recovering from some PPD. It’s certainly not as bad. If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll probably have noticed that. But I still have these moments where I just totally lose my s**t for what seems like no reason. Wait. Is this PPD or is this just motherhood?? Ha!
  • She’s totally sitting up and rolling over like a pro. She can push herself up to all-fours; but she doesn’t really have any interest in crawling yet. She can roll anywhere she needs to go! Ha!
  • The jumperoo and Baby Genius Nursery Rhymes are this girls JAM.

The old saying is true, the days sure are long (and painful, most times); but 12 months will be here before we know it! We still have bad days. Sometimes they are really bad days. But I finally have this glimmer of hope, thanks to the fleeting good moments!

So cheers, baby girl! I can already tell you’re going to give me a run for my money! But I look forward to being your best friend from now until forever! ♥

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Kate August 31, 2016 at 1:36 pm

She’s so cute, & I’m glad to hear that things are going a little better. PPD is real, & mental health is legit, & you are so strong. Keep on keepin’ on, girlfriend, & if you ever need anything, let me know, OK? I’m even happy to come babysit if you want a night out & can’t find someone – or you can come up to Cleveland & we’ll live it up in the city! Thinking of you as you go through this rough year. I know there is a light at the end of the tunnel for you & your sweet fam, & I await the day when Remy chills out & you think, “Man, remember THAT stressful period of time?! Whew!” 🙂


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