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July 26, 2016 in mantra

This week got off to a tad bit of a rough start. Remy, once again, went off the (sleep) deep-end, which led to a pretty exhausting Monday morning/afternoon/evening… You get the idea. 

I’m grateful that Chad is off work this week and was able to just hangout with Ari yesterday while I went to work with Remy. And I’m super excited that we are taking a little mini road trip to see Mimi and Poppy later this week! 

I’m content knowing I have “my people.” Also called “my tribe.” And I love finding new people to add to my tribe. As a mom, I thought it would be super hard to make new friends. But it’s been the exact opposite. Having a kid opens you up to whole new experiences, many of which are instantly relatable to other moms. That = almost instant connections. 

I wish I had a dollar for every time someone said that “it will get better!” I’m not saying I’d be a millionaire, but I’d certainly have a few hundred thousand.

Happiness is a well-rested family; a good cup of coffee; dinner with friends; toddler snuggles; baby giggles; a free latté; a tasty pastry; a clean house; and seeing my family happy. In short, it’s many things. Little things totally add up to make me a happy lady! ❤️

Weekly Mantra:

Happy new week, friends. XO

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