July 28, 2016 in children,family,life,marriage,mommyhood,parenthood,travel

Well, it may have taken us 7 hours to make a 5 and a half hour trip, but we finally made it to Kentucky — or ‘Tucky, as Ari so lovingly refers to it — last night.

It turns out traveling with two kids, both of which refuse to sleep in the car, is about as fun as you might imagine.

Chad had the pleasure of navigating construction and rush hour traffic with a screaming — practically hyperventilating baby — in the car.

And I was ‘snuggled’ between the kids car seats in the back — in a desperate attempt to calm Remy down (newsflash — it didn’t work).

But such is life. We survived. And our travels were safe! That’s all that matters.

However, we’re all kinda in ‘recovery’ mode this morning. Groggy. Sleepy. Sore.

Now bring on the fun! Catch ya on the flip side, friends! xo

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