This week I’m hoping for more answers. See, last week I mentioned that we found out some answers from our pediatrician. At the age of 10 months, Ari had a really severe allergic reaction to scrambled eggs, which resulted in an emergency room visit at Akron Children’s hospital. Since then, we’ve had a couple of run-ins at Children’s (thanks, Reactive Airway Disease — aka, too-early-to-call “asthma”). And because of that issue, he’s had a couple of steroids now and then to help with breathing, which has prevented him from being retested for his egg allergy.

So after being in and out of the pediatrician’s office with Remy, I decided to mention having Ari retested to see if he’d outgrown his egg allergy. The doctor obliged us with a blood test and said he’d have the nurses let us know. Well, the doctor himself called us a week ago Friday (yep, high priority, right before the weekend) to tell us that Ari is, in his words, “allergic to basically all food.” Suuuuper.

But guess what? Not eggs. Seriously.

He said he was going to refer us to an allergist to gain a full scope of the situation. So this weekend Chad took him to the allergist (thankfully they pushed us in… because the foods the test came back allergic to?? Beef, chicken, cucumbers, bananas, apples, pears, almonds, walnuts, peanuts, lettuce, etc. Seriously. Ridiculous.)

So the allergist said that his major allergies are tree nuts, peanuts and eggs (until we do an in-office food test). so 4 epi pens later…. and we’re off! But for real. It’s crazy. His tree nut allergy is off the charts. WHO KNEW?? Oops.

Also (and sorry this is SO long-winded), on Thursday we found out that Remy has a recurrence of her UTI. We re-tested her urine after her round of antibiotic. I expected the “all-clear,” but we found out that instead of 1 strain of bacteria, she now has 3. The doctor seems to think she may be physically predisposed to UTIs. But we also need to be conscious of potential kidney issues. She is so, so, miserable. 🙁

So yeah. Hoping for a call from the urologist this morning!

I’m grateful for the support I have from people regarding Remy’s UTIs. Seriously. The outpouring of condolences is so incredibly helpful to my mental state. ‘Cause it’s makin’ me cray, y’all. Keep the virtual hugs coming!

I’m content with my town. Cleveland and Akron, you deserved this championship. All the tears, all the love, all of the feels!! I’ve left Ohio twice, but I’ve come back each time. It’s always been my city; my town. It’s always been home.

I wish (and hope) for more answers for Miss Bea this week.

Happiness is watching Cleveland win the championship with your husband. And watching your husband explode with happiness… in the quietest way ever because Ari is passed out in the same room! LOL!

Weekly Mantra:

Because, Cavs. ♥ ♥

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