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May 16, 2016 in mantra

This week I’ll probably finish seasons 6 through 11 of Grey’s Anatomy. I’m seriously obsessed! As of last week I was up to ‘new-to-me’ episodes (aka — season 4). Now I’m referring to Grey’s Anatomy in real life. No joke. Yesterday I said “It’s like this one time, on Grey’s Anatomy…” I can’t believe I’m saying that. Ha!

I’m grateful for several naps this weekend. However, I needed, like, other big nap.

I’m content when I’ve slept, when Remy’s slept, when Ari’s slept, and when Chad has slept. Soooo never. HAAAAAAA!

I wish for the weather to be more Spring-like. No, I’m not wishing for Summer weather. I just want a little bit of Spring-ish weather so I can take the kiddos outside to play!

Happiness is strong coffee, dry red wine, and soft Lularoe leggings! 😛

Weekly Mantra:

The sarcasm is strong this week, friends! Cheers to a good week! May your coffee be strong and your workdays be short! xoxo

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