A week before Christmas, my life turned around completely. I lost my job of 10 years at 36 weeks pregnant. It felt like an absolutely horrific life event. But? Life really and truly does have a way of working itself out.

I never could have imagined that just a couple weeks later I would be coaching preschool gymnastics for the local YMCA, my huge preg-belly and all! But I did. I was super nervous. I mean, who starts a new job at 38 weeks pregnant!? And gymnastics!? I haven’t done gymnastics in YEARS!

But fate is just funny like that.

I’m not going to lie, my first couple of weeks teaching preschool gymnastics were rough. The kids have been great, but finding my ‘balance’ was tough. But by the grace of my village, I made it through!

And my village has gotten bigger in the process! Not only has the staff been incredibly welcoming to both me and the kids, but getting to work with amazing preschoolers has been awesome!

These kids? They are so fun. And SO funny!! I, naively, had no idea how rewarding a job could be. Even when I’m not teaching their classes, the kids will see me in the hallway and yell “Hi, Miss Rachel!” … And my heart melts into a million pieces! ♥

And today they graduated from preschool. And my heart is so happy for them and so sad, selfishly, for me! Because somewhere over the last few months, I’ve grown quite attached to them! 🙂

I can already tell that this new path in my life was put here for a reason. And I will forever be grateful! ♥

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