In case you live under a rock, Mother’s Day is coming up this weekend. And since that fateful October day several years ago, Mother’s Day has taken on some serious meaning to me. Yep, Moosh made me a Mommy and, much to my amazement, I’m forever a changed woman!

That being said, I stand by my oh-so-many of my first year Mommy requests. And I’ve expanded upon them a teeny, tiny, bit.

And in the spirit of honesty, here’s what this Mommy really wants for Mother’s Day this year (… and literally every Mother’s Day from here on out):


  1.  A Spa Day. I mean, like a full-on spa day; a no kids, no responsibilities, nothing-but-pampering, kind of spa day. For whatever reason, massages alone tend not to relax me. I’m always thinking about my to-do list. But the one time I had an actual spa day (which just so happened to be my wedding day), I was incredibly relaxed.
  2. A Beer Flight. Like, in an actual restaurant/brewery. Tasting, smelling, drinking it all in. Give me all the hops!
  3. Lots of Macarons. The elusive macaron. Pretty much the only cookie I haven’t even attempted to master. And they just so happen to be my most favorite of all of the sweets!
  4. A Yoga Class. It’s been a shamefully long time since I’ve practiced yoga. Pre-Remy Bea pregnancy, that’s for sure! And I need some hot, sweaty, breathing-in-unison, class time. I know as soon as I get back to it, I’ll be addicted to that post-yoga high.
  5. A Hotel Room, A Bath Robe, + Room Service. No one else. No people. No talking. No questions. Nothing else. Just me. And the quiet. And the TV. And the wine. Is that so much to ask!? Ha!
  6. The Day Designer Planner. Mine was, tragically, “lost” during our car break-in incident last year. Bummer. Mega bummer. I’m a stickler for my planner and I haven’t yet replaced my old one with a ‘good’ planner. And I’m a planner snob (and a beer snob. and a cookie snob. and a coffee snob….). And nothing comes close to competing with this planner!

In all seriousness, this *is* my wishlist. But also? As much as they drive me nuts, I cannot seem to stand being away from my children. Sigh. Such a double-edged sword, this motherhood thing!

In reality, I’ll be surprising my husband with an early birthday gift on Sunday instead of celebrating Mother’s Day… Because I totally forgot that the day I was planning fell on Mother’s Day! Ooooopsie!

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Kate May 4, 2016 at 9:35 am

Come up here & let’s do a beer flight! 🙂


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