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April 25, 2016 in mantra

This week I’m grateful for having (and getting back into) a daily routine. I’ve found it’s incredibly helpful for me to have a schedule where I go into work but I’m still able to get the kids home and fed and down for naps in the afternoon. But more on that later this week!

I’m content with having had the most perfect little family weekend! It wasn’t anything special, but it was totally special to me!

I wish for continued peaceful rests for Miss Remy Bea. She seems to be getting into a bit of a groove, sleepwise. We’re getting regular naps during the day and solid sleeps at night. No, she’s not sleeping through the night. Don’t be crazy pants! Ha! But she is sleeping for stretches at a time. Thank goodness! ‘Bout time, girlfriend!

Happiness is hot coffee and two kids napping.

Mantra of the week:

Keepin’ it simple, y’all. Finding the balance in this day, in this moment, is the mantra for my week! ♥

What’s your goal/mantra for this week??

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