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April 11, 2016 in life,mantra

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This week I’m hoping that Miss Bea’s teeth finally cut through. I know it will mean days of hell, but I just need them. Like, now. And yes, I also realize that it means I’ll have a weird 3-month with teeth! Ha!

I’m grateful to have had the weekend to catch up on vegging out. Yep. Sometimes you just have to stay in PJs all day and rock some Netflix. And that we did, friends. That we did.

I’m content watching Toy Story with the kiddos. In fact, watching Remy was mesmerized watching Toy Story (both 2 + 3!) over the weekend! She stopped screaming and just stared… and so we let her. And it was gloriously quiet in our house — temporarily! OK, I kind of lie. I wish I could watch all of my HBO/Showtime/Cinemax/Bravo shows with the kids… but it just doesn’t hold their attention like Toy Story. Ha!

I wish and hope and pray that we will all stay healthy this week. There has been some kind of funk going around our house and our friends houses and the YMCA, and I’m hoping we avoid ’round 2′!

Happiness is sleep. Yep. I’ve thought it through and it’s definitely still sleep. A close second would be a childless meal! Ha!

Mantra of the week:

YOU ARE CAPABLE OF ANYTHING! Hang in there, friends! I know I will be! XOXO

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