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April 4, 2016 in #MomLife,mantra,mommyhood

This week will be a lot like last week. Simple, full of smiles + work, and lots of attention for my babies! It feels good that this is my life — a life of taking care of kids and being able to work. Sure, it’s not a mega-career; but it is allowing me to work and still keep my kids out of childcare! ♥

I’m grateful for my tribe. Still. My tribe extends to all of you! Every weekend I reflect back on how I made it through the previous week — and all of the people who helped make it a reality — and I still am totally grateful and amazed. I couldn’t do it without any of you. Seriously!

I’m content with just a few hours of sleep with Moosh. When Remy was born we went from having had Ari in my bed every single night to now having little to no sleepy time with him. Every once in awhile I have some time with him and I adore it. Yesterday I was able to nap with him (and Remy) for over two hours. And that was TWO whole hours of snuggling him. My heart is content. ♥

I wish Remy’s teeth would just come in already! Her two teeth are thisclose to breaking through the skin. And it’s making her (and my life) absolutely freaking miserable!

Happiness is sleep.

Mantra of the week:

I totally, absolutely, love this mantra. This past weekend I kind of overcommitted, but life reminded me to slow down (hellooooo, toddler with a fever!). So yeah… I’m forgiving myself and kinda just rolling with it!

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