After a full week of [part-time] work last week, I was oh-so happy to see the weekend! Not because my week was hard (it was fun and exhausting, but not hard!), but because my Mama was coming to visit from Kentucky!

Fortunately (and unfortunately) by the time Mimi arrived Friday night, Ari and Chad were fast asleep! So Remy and I got some solo Mimi time before our very busy Saturday!

Ari was oh-so-excited to see Mimi when he woke up Saturday morning! And equally as excited to go to our first ever Home Depot for our first Kids Workshop.

We arrived at Home Depot at 9:04am for our 9am workshop — and it was totally, completely, packed already. We checked in and got Ari his workshop apron and we (aka, I) started building our butterfly house!

I have to say, although I had to do most of the building parts (because a toddler, hammer, and nails definitely don’t mix!), I personally had a ton of fun! Ha!

Luckily Mimi was with us… because this mom of two thing is hard work! I don’t know how I would have done it by myself! One kid was screaming and the other needed help with the hammer and nails!

When we finished up we hurried to the Akron Art Museum for the start of Crafty Mart, a local pop up shop that features awesome craft vendors of all sorts.

Crafty Mart is located in three locations in downtown Akron: The art museum, the Akron-Summit County Public Library, and Summit Artspace! I saw many familiar vendors, but I was so excited to see three awesome (new-to-me) vendors at the library.

My faves were Bucha Bill and his mango-cayenne kombucha; my fave barista, Maryssa, and her pottery at Maryssa Moczan Studios (how did I not know this about her!?), and very new crafty mama, Tara, from Baby Got Crafts. The only purchase I made on Saturday was one of Baby Got Crafts baby headbands! But she also makes baby leggings that are available in to-die-for prints!

After we finished browsing + buying at the library, we headed towards our last stop on the Crafty Mart tour — Summit Artspace! Well when we left the library we took an elevator … and got stuck. Very, very, stuck. The elevator jolted and dropped a couple of feet (umm, scary!) and then it refused to move or do anything. I pressed every button for every floor before Ari started to seriously lose it and scream and cry. I finally got through to the Akron police by pressing the emergency button. They no sooner sent someone to help us than the elevator (magically) started to move again. HOLY scary.

But still. We continued on. Dedicated Crafty Mart attendees right here!

Summit Artspace is by far one of my favorite spaces in Akron. Two floors of the building were filled with tasty treats and crafty vendors (including my friend Kevin from Studio KMR!). And this time Summit Artspace had a DJ on site! It was fabulous!

Macarons, crafts, and shrub mixers galore! What a fabulous way to spend a crafty Saturday!

By the time we made it through all three locations, we were all wiped out! We headed home to sit down and relax for a few minutes before Mim and I took Remy to Mario Fazio’s in Willoughby for an anniversary party!

While we were at the party I had plenty of people to hand Remy off too, which was super nice for me. She was being so fussy and there were many, many, willing participants!

Unfortunately all of our weekend antics caught up with us and Ari ended up with a pretty intense fever on Sunday. We literally stayed home all day long, which was kinda perfect after our fun and crazy Saturday!

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Kate April 5, 2016 at 3:10 pm

Um, I didn’t even know this existed. Looks like so much fun!


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