I’m quite possibly the worst mom ever. OK, OK. That’s quite dramatic. But I may be the worst bloggy mom ever. Because not only am I horrible at updating my blog, but I’m completely awful at taking pictures of Miss Remy Bea.

I swear I took a picture of Ari every single day as a baby. But this child? Ha! I was 5 days late with taking her 3 month photos. Oops!

Here’s how our 3rd month went:

  • Her teeth haven’t broken through quite yet — and her teething seems to have subsided in the meantime. Thank goodness! I can still seem them under her gums — and she’s still drooling nonstop and chewing on nearly everything — but the pain has subsided momentarily.
  • She brings her own hands to her mouth… if only to chew on them! 😛
  • Miss Bea started to coo and smile and it is everything that makes my heart happy! It’s so incredible. She’s like a real human baby! Ha!
  • Speaking of human babies… She’s no longer a newborn. Sometime over the last month she turned from a newborn to a baby!
  • She loves to lie on her back and watch her brother and her daddy play. I will set her in the middle of the floor and she will just follow them around the room with her eyes. I can already tell she is completely smitten with her brother! ♥ And I know she will adore him for all of her life!
  • She’ll let me pull her to a sitting position — and she loves sitting in the Bumbo! To be honest, I wouldn’t have even attempted the Bumbo, but the sitters at the YMCA say she loves it! And it turns out, she does!
  • Since we’ve attempted the Bumbo with success, you should know she has excellent head and neck control. She has pretty much from day 1. Weird little infant.
  • As a surprise to me, this little baby can roll from her back to her side with no problem. Thank goodness I discovered this when she was on the floor! Oops! She can also kick her legs like crazy AND hold on to my fingers while she pulls herself up into a sitting position!
  • Her hair is freaking beautiful. It’s dark (super dark!) and flowy and sometimes it sticks straight up. But I just love it.
  • She sleeps for a few hours here and there throughout the night. Believe it or not, that’s amazing! Also, thanks in large part to the girls who watch her at the YMCA, she has learned to nap! She now naps for 2-3 hours in the afternoon! ♥
  • She loves to be held. By me, by Chad, by pretty much everyone. Girlfriend loves loves loves to be held.

See these truly awful pictures!?!?

THESE are the result of: 1. Having a toddler in the room to also take care of; 2. A very mobile 3 month old who had absolutely zero interest in staying even remotely still for a single picture; and 3. Exhaustion. I just wanted to get the pictures over with. She wasn’t cooperating. And they are done.

So yeah. It’s been a fun month. OK, well not all of it has been fun. But the one thing that is HUGELY different between Remy and Ari is that I see a light at the end of each tunnel (aka – a light at the end of each ‘pbase’.). I can recognize that not everything is for always. However, this time around I will totally let housework go to the wayside so that I can nap instead. See? There’s something to be said about experience and second children!

To be updated soon, friends!


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Amanda P. April 29, 2016 at 8:45 am

She is BEAUTIFUL! Jeanette rolled onto her side basically from the day we brought her home from the hospital. I soon learned that swaddling just wasn’t going to work for her so we moved onto sleep sacks and watching her very carefully. By 3 months she was rolling from back to belly and holding up her head pretty well. It’s amazing what these tiny babies can do!


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