Life. Exhaustion. And a rare weekend blog post.

April 10, 2016 in #MomLife,babies,baby girl,children,maternity leave,mommyhood,Oh baby!,parenthood,pictures,postpartum,Remy Bea

I typically reserve my weekend for things away from this blog, but this weekend has been quite unusual. And I just can’t today. I can’t go on today without sitting down and venting this all out.

Because all day Friday through Saturday morning (about 7 am) were absolute hell. Nothing went particularly awry, per se. It was just one of those days [and nights].

Friday I woke up at the bright and early hour of 4 am… and failed to ever fall back asleep. You know, after being up with a fussy newborn until 1am. So that was a total of 3 hours of sleep. And I dragged my tired butt — and both cranky + tired kids — into work, where Ari nearly broke his arm (and definitely knocked the wind out of himself) by jumping off of gymnastics equipment. And then I went to get Remy from the on-site childcare to feed her, she wouldn’t latch. She was screaming and screaming and just wouldn’t eat.

Her poor gums were bright red and I could tell she just couldn’t bear to do it. It broke my heart into a thousand pieces. This was the very first time that her teething has interfered with her ability and desire to eat. Although, I do think she wanted to eat; she was just in too much pain to do it.

And it sucked like nothing has ever sucked before.

I swear her cry is slowly killing me. It’s basically a desperately painful scream. And I ache from it. Nothing seems to soothe her and nothing seems to help.

And that’s why I just need a break from life right now. Thankfully it’s still the weekend, so I’m going to continue to avoid life by staying in pajamas, napping all day, and completely disregarding things that need to be done around the house.

Any suggestions (besides ‘just survive’?) from anyone who has dealt with a teething newborn??

PS. teethers won’t fit in her mouth/she can’t hold onto them; the amber teething necklace is still too big for her; and we are using Hylands Teething Tablets + occasionally infant Tylenol (for those particularly awful moments).

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Amanda P April 10, 2016 at 9:55 am

Have you tried a frozen washcloth? I’m not sure if she could suck on it but you could massage it on her gums for some relief. We also used the organic orajel though I’m not sure how well it worked. Jeanette would have 4 teeth come in at once and it was pretty awful but she wasn’t as young. Hopefully she can latch and feed again soon. You could also try a medicine dropper to get her some breast milk.


tammigirl April 10, 2016 at 10:38 am

Is orajel for babies still a thing? (It’s been a long time for me, and what is ‘safe and recommended changes every 6 months)

She’s so little – I can’t believe she’s teething already!

Poor doll.


Malibu Mama Loves April 13, 2016 at 1:02 pm

First – take a deep breath. You are an amazing mama on so many levels and your little may be in some pain but she is very blessed to have you.
Second – I am as chem free as possible, but I have used orajel in the painful moments and it does help a bit. A mostly frozen wash cloth works wonders as well. And of course just being in your arms (or dads) helps more than you realize.
Third – Soon, her teeth will be in and this will all be a distant memory. Remind yourself it will be over soon.
I am so glad you are remembering to take some time for yourself, you will get thru this, I promise – just in time for the terrible toddler age, which is right around the corner… lol #Momlife 😉
Keep up the amazing work, I am glad to have connected with you! Malibu Mama Loves Xx


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