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March 28, 2016 in mantra

This week I’m happy to report that I am (really) starting to get back to work on a regular schedule. I “tested the waters” last week with a couple of days of work. Even though Remy has been difficult (to say the least), it was nice to get a ‘break,’ of sorts, from her for a couple of hours — and some adult conversation!

I’m grateful to have had a support system that has been mega supportive of me, especially postpartum. I’ve been able to slowly transition from Mombie (Zombie/Mom) to semi-human Mombie. 🙂

I’m content when I’ve slept for four hours straight. Seriously. That’s all I need these days.

I wish for just four straight hours of sleep. Ha! It is life-changing for a mom of an infant!! Makes me feel like I don’t need coffee! Wait. Just kidding. I definitely need coffee. 🙂

Happiness is setting the timer for the coffee-maker so that when I wake up the coffee is ready. See? Must. have. coffee!

Mantra of the week:

Making my mind up to be as happy as possible this week. ♥

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