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March 7, 2016 in mantra

Guys. I’m holding onto my sanity by a string. Seriously. Remy is so incredibly colicky. And, unfortunately for everyone involved, our household has been hit with the flu in a major way. Chad has been sick since Tuesday evening with fever, chills, etc. And up until this morning, he hasn’t eaten more than a grapefruit. Yep, since Tuesday. One. single. grapefruit.

Also? Ari has been sick with a low-grade fever for several days. He’s okay-ish now, but we had days and days of an exhausted toddler. I thought it was bad that Ari fell asleep on the floor at night the week before?? Oh no… He fell asleep, on the couch, during the day! Whaaat? Yep. Sick kid, fo sho.

Other than sickness and colic, I’ve been doing nada. I am trying so hard to just keep things together. Luckily, we’ve all managed to be fed (minus Chad, who hasn’t eaten); our house is clean (thank GOD for lysol); and we’re alive.

But JESUS H. CHRIST, I would kill for a break. A break from sickness. A mother trucking break from colic would be nice, too. Because colic is a bitch to deal with and definitely doesn’t help with postpartum hormones.

PS. Do you know what it’s like to be blessed with TWO babies that are colicky?? Cause that’s just… lucky.

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Dawn March 8, 2016 at 8:59 am

I know you’re nursing. Do you think she maybe has a sensitivity to something in your diet? I only suggest that because one of my best friends ended up having to really restrict her diet while she nursed her third baby, because Gracie would just cry and cry and cry anytime she had any dairy or “gassy” foods (broccoli, beans, etc) or anything at all spicy. I hope you both find some relief soon.


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