Friends, ya know what makes postpartum life even more excruciating? Complete lack of sunshine. But the weather gods shone down upon us the last couple of days and blessed us with a 75 degrees in Ohio. In early March, nonetheless!!

This little family has had several really rough days over the last week. Like, 7 straight hours of overnight colicky screaming. Lucky for me, I have my tribe to keep me sane. Sometimes they straight-up force me to be sane… and for that? I am forever grateful.

Well Tuesday my tribe really rallied for me in a big way.

We [meaning the kids + I — gosh, that still sounds weird!] got a slower start to the day than I anticipated. Yeahhhh… I’m still struggling with how much time to allot myself to get ready in the mornings. But, alas, we made it out of the house… and headed to the Lego Store! Last week Ari was supposed to go to the Lego Monthly Mini Build (a free event that the Lego Store holds each month), but he was so sick. And he’s been so bummed ever since. In fact, everyday since, I’ve said “Guess what we’re doing today?” and he’ll reply with, “Going to the Lego Store?” Insert sad face. No, kiddo. Not that. Well, until this past Tuesday. And his little heart was so happy to get to build his Easter Bunny Lego! And I was so happy to see him enjoy himself.

I let him play for as long as Miss Remy Bea would allow (I was babywearing her and she started getting fussy) before we headed to Panera for lunch. Sure, I wanted to go somewhere a tad bit more ‘authentic’ to my lifestyle… but sometimes (aka – when you have two children in tow), my lifestyle is exactly Panera. Ha!

Then I dropped both kids off with my Aunt (whom Ari loving refers to as Grandma Dee!) and headed over to Massage Envy in Beachwood. I had never been before, but I desperately needed a nice, stress-reducing, massage.

I arrived at LaPlace about 30 minutes early so I made a snap decision to really treat myself! Mitchell’s Ice Cream is right there and, considering we do not have one anywhere near us in Akron, I was totally down for a scoop of Wildberry Crumble!

Linda, the manager of the Beachwood locations, welcomed me upon my arrival into the spa. I filled out a Massage Wellness Chart, which is the equivalent of new-client paperwork, and the receptionist was kind enough to bring me an ice water to sip (which was much appreciated after eating that ice cream!).

Before meeting my massage therapist, Robert, the receptionist then brought me back to the waiting and relaxation area. I honestly could have fallen asleep right then and there thanks to a whole new level of exhaustion lately. But just before I drifted off, Robert came to greet me and take me back to my room. He talked to me about my massage and let me know that literally everything was customizable — the temperature of the heated table, the pressure of the massage, the volume of the music, etc. He then advised me that he would step out of the room and I should undress to my level of comfort.

The room was welcoming and relaxing. And my massage was perfection! As strange as it sounds, I haven’t had a whole lot of discomfort since Remy was born… all of my discomfort was felt during pregnancy! Ha! But, it turns out, there was trouble brewing below the surface. In fact, my shoulders, neck, and back were a complete disaster. Completely full of knots. Yeah… I’m not surprised. I carry a toddler and a newborn around nonstop; plus we co-sleep, which means we sleep at awkward angles and positions.

I absolutely loved my massage and the conversation during it! Some people want complete silence during their massages, but not me! It’s totally therapeutic to chat during a massage! Lucky for me, Robert was not only a talented massage therapist, but also a great conversationalist! As a new parent himself, we had a lot to chat about! The hour flew by — which is both a blessing and a curse, right?

By the time I was done, I was not only relaxed, but I was ready to see my babies. Even just being away from two hours is enough to reset and refresh myself. I felt rejuvenated and ready to take on the world! So a huge thank you to Linda and to Robert for the amazing experience at Massage Envy of Beachwood!

If you would like to check them out, visit their Facebook page here and their website here! With an introductory massage starting at just $49.99, you can book a massage at any of the following Beachwood locations: Gates Mills, Lyndhurst, Beachwood, Mayfield Heights, Richmond Heights, and Cleveland Heights. Just call 216-593-0140.

Disclosure: I was contacted by Massage Envy to receive one complimentary hour massage. As always, my opinions and thoughts are my own. 




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