lessons learned in parenting 2 kids for only 2 weeks. AKA i know NOTHING.

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I’d be lying if I said adjusting to two children has been… easy. ‘Cause it hasn’t. I feel pushed and pulled in so many different directions. And I’ve mentioned to so many Mommy-friends that I feel super busy, but I’m not actually ‘doing’ anything. [and then those friends gently remind me that I’m keeping an infant AND a toddler alive, fed, and healthy…]

But seriously. It seems like I have these moments where everything is going well… and then Remy Bea starts to wail and at that very moment, Ari starts screaming about something from the other room that he ‘needs’ right this second. And I feel torn. My immediate concern, of course, is feeding Remy Bea [since I’m the only person able to do so]; but I also feel so guilty for not being available for Ari when he ‘needs’ me.

In short, that part def sucks.

Oh – and Chad went back to work Monday. I’m SO happy [and lucky!] to have had him home for two whole weeks to help us get adjusted. At the same time, with him getting back into his routine, we’re starting to find our own routine at home during the day. Luckily, my mom came in from Kentucky to help us for this week. Thank goodness, because it certainly has had its challenging moments.

And then there’s the errands…

This is where I’m super happy to have my mom in town. I had to run like 2 errands with both kids… and of course, it was an epic failure. Remy Bea was screaming; Ari was being a mega-jerk whilst picking his nose in public; and I was just like “HI JUST GIVE ME MY PRESCRIPTION BEFORE I MURDER SOMEONE.”

But I’m celebrating the small victories… like keeping both kids alive. And making dinner before Chad got home from work [like, actually making dinner, ya’ll…]. And having clean dishes and clean laundry [but don’t ask me to vacuum].

I don’t think it’s harder, per se, because being a new parent to one child sucks probably a little bit more… but it’s been way different than I expected. We shall see what this week of transitions brings!

Also? Please send wine… this being torn in two, three, four and more different directions at once is no joke.

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Kate February 10, 2016 at 10:56 am

Oh, girl, be good to yourself & go easy on yourself. You’re keeping these kiddos alive & well, & you’re doing great. I imagine it never gets, like, EASY, but it will fall into place. Give yourself some credit. <3


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