I realized last night that from the sounds of my rants lately, it would appear that I hate everything and everyone and that nothing good or happy has been going on. Well, the new baby struggles are real and I cope by just putting it all out there and sharing my experiences. Buuuut there have been a lot of awesome experiences, too.

For every toddler fit that exhausts me; for every colicky moment with Remy; for every spilled meal; there are handfuls of little moments that fill my heart with happiness and purpose.

For instance, yesterday we bounced between a lot of those tough moments and moments of ‘mommy zen.’ Ari ate a huge breakfast and a big healthy lunch; I cleaned the entire kitchen, bathroom and living room, including the dishes and vacuuming; every person in our household had at least one shower/bath; Ari napped while I made Rice Krispy treats; I had a hot cup of coffee; and Ari asked for bed at 7:30pm.

So yeah, not everything is perfect. But some things are — and that helps.

And I’m celebrating!

Also? Today there was sunshine. And coffee (thanks to a dear old friend for sending me a virtual gift card/hug the other day to lift my spirits!). Hip, hip, hooray! The makings of a perfect Friday, if I do say so myself!

But let’s be real… this is really what my zen looks like…

Yep. A sleeping baby.

xo and happy weekend!

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