Celebrating Real Love.

February 14, 2016 in family,live happy,love,marriage,reality

I’ve never been one to care much for Valentine’s Day. It’s not out of spite; it’s just that I feel like it’s a totally silly holiday. Personally, I’d rather show my love for my partner throughout the year, in forms of small gestures, than spend one day on one grand gesture.

In fact, the only reason we even semi-celebrated Valentine’s Day this year was by accident. Since my mom has been in town, Chad and I decided to go on a dinner date. We spent most of our dinner in a semi-zombie-like state, in awe of real food without a toddler climbing on us, sitting in silence. Ha. But still, it was lovely. ♥

Still, I much prefer the small gestures. And luckily, they are aplenty in our home!

Real love is when your husband records The Bachelor for you when you forget.

Real love is letting your spouse sleep in late while you wake up with the fussy toddler.

Real love is having dinner ready when your husband gets home from work.

Real love is agreeing to see a movie that you don’t particularly want to see, but one that your partner really wants to see.

Real love is re-watching a Netflix show you’ve already seen so your wife can catch up to where you are.

Real love is doing the dishes after the other has made breakfast/lunch/dinner.

Basically, real love happens in the simple moments; not in the moments that are well-thought and planned. Nope. It’s those small moments that truly make my heart melt. ♥ ♥

Happy Valentine’s Day, friends. Remember to show love every.single.day. Not just today. xo

And here’s a little throwback to celebrate my love! 🙂

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Dawn February 16, 2016 at 2:48 pm

We don’t do anything grand for Valentine’s Day. We’re very much people who show love in small ways every day. But we don’t go out of our way to *not* celebrate love just because it’s February 14 either. We exchange sweet cards and maybe a little chocolate treat. Troy got me a t-shirt I’d been eyeing but hesitant to spend the money to buy it. It’s a gesture he might just as easily do on May 14 as in February, but since I’d just mentioned the shirt a couple of weeks prior, it worked out for Valentine’s Day. Mostly, though, we were both in various stages of a cold, so we were happy to have soup and chill on the couch most of the day. 😉


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