I’ve been clinging to some Moosh time as of late. Big time. I know our time is coming to a close as a family of three. And it’s making me super emotional. Super emotional for my first baby. And for what bringing a second baby into the family means.

It means less one-on-one time with Moosh. 

It means less undivided Moosh attention.

It means I can no longer drop everything and just stare at Moosh.

OK, you get it. It means less ‘just Moosh.’ And it’s heartbreaking for me. Absolutely heartbreaking.

YES, I’m excited for Baby Girl to make her arrival. But I’m also sad that I no longer have just my baby boy to wrap his arms around me. And even as I type this out, I keep having conflicting feelings, which consist mostly of “OK, I don’t want this one-on-one time to end,” to “GET this CHILD out of me NOW so I can meet her!”

The pregnancy struggle (and hormones) are super real, y’all. Real real.

So, for now, I’ll soak up the extra snuggles and all the extra kisses he’s willing to give me; I’ll soak up the nap times where he spoons me (yes, HE spoons ME); I’ll soak up the early bedtimes and the indulgences of sleeping in ‘mommies bed;’ and I’ll give him all the extra attention he so wants and deserves! ♥

‘Cause nothing lasts forever.

PS. My bags are packed. my house is clean. the nesting is complete. let’s do this, little lady. ♥


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