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December 1, 2015 in #MomLife,babies,baby girl,clothes,etsy,fashion,gift,mommyhood,pictures,style

I am so excited winter is on it’s way! I know, I know… I’ve said that a lot recently. But even saying it ONCE, for me, is completely out of character! I told Chad that the sole reason I’m so excited this winter is knowing that I won’t have to drive in winter weather often [thanks, Baby Girl + maternity leave!]. But also because that means I can stay bundled up at home, complete with hot chocolate and Netflix, on the couch. Oh, no… I know it won’t be a vacation. I realize that I’ll also be responsible for keeping TWO children alive. But still. In those moments when Moosh is asleep and I’m nursing a baby, I’m going to enjoy that Netflix and hot cocoa!

I’ve also comprised a “Holiday Etsy Maternity/Postpartum Wish Lists” of sorts… [for anyone looking to buy me something — LOL!]

A non-traditional nursing cover/infinity scarf.
Like this one from etsy shop Kismet Love Collection.
Seriously. They are adorable. And they are scarves!
Gah! I’m in love.


Baby Girls’ Coming Home Outfit.
I realize absolutely zero people will see this in real life,
but lord knows I’ll be posting it on instagram, right? Ha!
This one from Adorned Baby Boutique is adorable.
I’m not big on pink, but gold? Heck yes. Give Baby Girl all the gold!


A Birthing Gown for the hospital.
I know it seems super shallow, but I honestly got one for my L&D with Ari.
And it was way more comfortable than the hospital gown.
It was plain black, but perhaps I want to go a little bit more frilly for Baby Girl? Ha.
This one from Stork Apparel is cute, but not overly girly.


Super Comfy Warm Socks.
‘Cause January is going to be mega cold, y’all.
And even though I’ve been hot-blooded this pregnancy,
I know that as soon as this baby comes, I’ll be cold. Again.
And these socks from Fir Tree Knitwear are adorable AND wool!


Reusable Nursing Pads.
With Moosh I used these silicone reusable nursing pads.
They were horrible. If my boobs leaked, they would itch uncontrollably.
So this time I want fabric reusable pads.
And these handmade nursing pads from Marleys Monsters are cute and inexpensive!



A Giant Warm Robe.
Cause, winter + nursing.
And this robe from Wrapped In A Cloud looks SO warm and cozy.


An Oversized Sweater.
Do you notice a theme here? Big, comfy, and warm?
Yep. Give me all the big, comfy, and warm.
I wish I could afford this giant sweater from Rose Unique Style.

I’m just loving all of this stuff. And I know none of it is necessary to have, but gosh would it be nice to be warm and cozy after Baby Girl is born! ♥


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Kate @ December 2, 2015 at 8:08 pm

I put a robe on my wishlist, too, but you picked a much cozier one. Now I’m regretting my request!


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