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December 4, 2015 in #MomLife,31 for 31,age,another year,bucket list,goals,life,lists,plans

It’s been a while since I set any sort of goals for myself. In fact, it’s been over a year! Holy smokes. So it’s time to change that — to give myself a sense of purpose in my thirty-first year of life. Even if this list is making its way two whole months after my 31st birthday. ūüôā

I’ve posted similar goals¬†sporadically in the past, but I’ve always gone a bit ‘overboard’ with my lists. Which completely overwhelms me and then I do absolutely none of it. So this year I’m keeping it simple-ish.

[1] ¬†Run another half marathon.¬†Having a baby in the middle of the winter will certainly help because we won’t have many options to leave the house. So enter the treadmill!

[2]  Find a new job/career that will offer more of a work/life balance.

[3]  Have a successful no-spend 30 days.

[4] ¬†…. in which I also cook/eat at home for 30 days straight.

[5]  Pay it forward to someone by paying for their coffee.

[6]  Take a cooking class.

[7] ¬†Take a “makers” workshop of some sort.

[8]  Purge + donate old items from my closet.

[9]  Get rid of old electronics.

[10]  Completely reorganize our bedroom.

[11]  Completely reorganize our laundry room.

[12]  Donate blood.

[13] ¬†Get a haircut. I know this seems like NBD. But honestly? I haven’t had a haircut in like 18 months.

[14]  Get back to my pre-baby weight.

[15]  Attend a county or state fair.

[16]  Participate in another Wine + Canvas event.

[17]  Meditate everyday for 30 days.

[18]  Do a 7-day juice fast.

[19]  Workout for 30-days straight.

[20]  Go 30-days without alcohol Postpartum obvy cause being pregnant and doing that would be cheating, right?

[21] ¬†Complete a cross-stitch project that I’ve had the tools for.

[22]  Go to a comedy show.

[23]  Take a road trip to NY State.

[24]  Attend a pro sporting event.

[25]  See a movie at The Nightlight theater in Akron.

[26]  Take a Balance + Brews yoga class.

[27]  Complete a 60-day streak of 10k steps per day.

[28]  Set up my home-office in my bedroom.

[29]  Take a SUP yoga class.

[30]  Visit a local winery and do a wine tasting.

[31]  Attend a yoga event.

I feel like this list is totally attainable — unlike other lists I’ve made in the past. So I’m totally looking forward to scratching one off at a time! No worries — I’ll update it as I go!

Sidenote: I totally almost named this “31 before 31″… and it literally took me like 3 hours to realize that I AM ALREADY 31! Ha. Myyyyy bad.

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Kate @ GreatestEscapist.com December 4, 2015 at 10:53 am

I like this! I should probably create a list, too. Like… what is goal-setting?!


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