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November 23, 2015 in mantra

This week is my favorite holiday — Thanksgiving!! Hooray! And even though we’re not traveling to be with my sister and parents, we’re still going to have a FABULOUS little Turkey Day of our own! ♥

I’m grateful to feel less stressed going into this week. It’s not to say that this week will be less stressful. Not by any means. In fact, this week we may have a series of “what’s going on?” questions answered about Baby Girl.

I’m content when the house is clean and organized. I know, I know… how predictably house-wife-ish. But it’s true.

I wish for some answers this week! Please doctors, and please Baby Girl, cooperate for some answers!

Happiness is knowing that while I’m awaiting answers/undergoing ‘tests’ at home, I’ll be able to decorate for Christmas and prep for our Thanksgiving meal! Slightly unexpected that I’ll be at home the day before Thanksgiving (instead of at work), but I can’t be at work while I’m having these tests done.

Weekly Mantra:

Have a wonderful Monday, friends! xo

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