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November 16, 2015 in mantra

This week I’m hopeful. And what a good way to start the week — with hope!

I believe I have the greatest team of people on my side in this life! And that is enough to make me feel OKish, even when I’m not feeling OKish.

I’m addicted to meal planning! I recently took a cooking class and now I’m SO excited to be cooking for my little family! I know, I know… it’s about time that I actually want to learn to cook! Ha!

I wish I could give my husband the gift of an extra day off. He’s been working extra, extra, hard and extra, extra, overtime.

I’m happy that my only addiction in life is solitaire. Seriously! I’m addicted. It’s a problem and I need help. But I guess if there’s a vice to have, it’s solitaire? Ha!

Weekly Mantra:

True story, friends. Have an awesome week!

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