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November 9, 2015 in mantra

This week I’m hoping my family stays healthy. With all of the weather changes, the addition of going back to daycare, and just the hustle and bustle, I really and truly want Moosh to stay healthy. Ugh.

I believe in having an empty planner. I know, I know… I just preached about how I’m addicted to my planner — and it’s true! But I also LOVE having nothing scheduled in it. Ha. Ironic, I know.

I’m addicted to everything holidays. But, alas, I’m baking pumpkin bread today. Ha!

I wish it were December already. PS. SOUND THE ALARM! I don’t think I’ve ever said that before in the history of EVER. I usually l-o-v-e November because it’s the month of celebrating all things Fall + Thanksgiving; but this year I’m so anxious for the end of the the year… and for Christmas. And just December in general. Which is weird because we have pretty much zero on our radar for the holidays (except two family parties — my side and Chad’s side of the family). And a low-key Christmas Day celebration at our house. But gosh, there’s something about this last Christmas with just ONE kid. And one last Holiday season before getting to meet Baby Girl. I’m so anxious for her to be born.

I’m happy for life. It may not always work out the way you’re hoping it will, but that’s why I’m lowering my expectations. No, that’s not a bad thing to have low expectations. It just means that instead of being “upset” when something doesn’t turn out as expected, I’m living more in the moment. Sure, I still get irritated and ‘wrapped up’ when things aren’t going my way; but I’m making a huge conscious effort to roll with the punches.

Weekly Mantra:

This is part of my “roll with the punches” mentality as of late. And I suppose it’s appropriate. ♥ Have a good week, friends!

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