• I feel a LOT of pressure. And no, silly, not emotional or mental pressure… (although, truthfully, there is a bit of that). But lots and lots of pressure… pelvic pressure! I’ve asked my doctors and, although I don’t recall having this kind of pressure this early with Ari, it’s apparently normal. Oi.
  • I’m still sick-ish. Yep. I’m back at work! But I’m still feeling kind of ‘off’ some days. Still throwing up on occasion. It’s definitely better than it was; but not great by any means.
  • Sleep is a thing of the past. I mean, I’m sleeping, mostly. But I’m tossing and turning when I’m asleep, so it’s incredibly restless. I remember experiencing that with Ari, too; but it was much later in the pregnancy.
  • Oh, have I mentioned that I’m officially 29 weeks?? So that means I’m also officially in the third trimester! Home stretch, here we come!
  • I’ve only gained a few pounds this pregnancy. Shocker, I know. Turns out having no appetite and throwing up frequently means instead of looking 7+ months pregnant, I look 5ish months pregnant.


  • This girl is a mover and a shaker!! It’s probably because she is sitting much higher than Ari was, but I can feel flips all day (and all night) long. After my pregnancy with Ari, I couldn’t understand how movement and kicks could be painful. I mean, I felt them with Ari — lots of them — but I guess not like this! HOLY SMOKES. She’s an acrobat!
  • I cannot wait to meet her. First time around, I was petrified. Knowing what to actually expect postpartum is a lifesaver. And as difficult as I know it will be, I can’t wait for her to be here. With Ari I wanted to keep him baking for as long as possible (and he totally got the memo at 41 weeks); but this time I’m cool with her making an appearance a little early. Though, likely, that will not happen.
  • TMI alert… my boobs are leaking already. Seriously. I forgot how much “fun” this part is. Ha. I forgot I would need nursing pads before the baby is born. Sigh.


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Dawn November 5, 2015 at 3:07 pm

I *bet* you’d be ok with her making a (safe) early appearance, so you can go back to feeling more human. Even the newborn stage and all its adjustment and being awake has to be better than all the never ending sickness. Here’s hoping Little Miss decides that she’s done baking a week or two in advance of her guesstimated arrival!


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