Well, it’s only been TWO WEEKS since Ari’s birthday. To say I’m slacking would be an understatement. Although can you really blame me? I’ve been bouncing from doctor appointment to doctor appointment, dragging a toddler along, and throwing up along the way (sometimes quite literally). So yeah. There have been “delays,” one would say. But better late than never, right? Right. (Just roll with me, friends.)

Friday the 16th  //  The Actual Birthday

His actual birthday was on Friday and I wanted to make it kind of special. Well we got a tad bit of a late start (thanks to both myself and Ari sleeping in way later than we should’ve — hooray!). But we ended up at Café O’Play… eventually. It was CRAZYTOWN in there. Turns out Ari’s birthday is also a teacher administration day or something, so all of the local schools were closed for the day. And, hence, the Café was insane busy.

After a little while of playing, we decided to head to out to finish a couple of party errands. While Moosh took a short nap, I decorated a teeny bit for our little family birthday celebration. I had leftover decorations from last year so I just decided to throw those up and wing it! I was tired of looking at Minion party stuff for his big she-bang anywho! 🙂

When Chad got home from work, I quickly snuck out to go get Moosh a cupcake (neither Chad nor myself are big cake people, so I just didn’t see the point in getting or making an actual cake).

Ari’s one birthday request for dinner was Chick-Fil-A (or, as he pronounces it, “Chick-Fay!”). So we headed to Chick-Fay for a quick dinner. And, quick it was! One thing I never realized before having a child, is how quickly a person can consume an entire meal. Seriously. It’s a bit scary.

Post-Chick-Fay we came home to open birthday gifts and sing happy birthday! He was so excited to get his new bicycle (which is a Radio Flyer Balance Bike), a Lego set, a light saber, and his new sleeping bag (which, admittedly, he’s been sleeping in since that night. Seriously. He refuses to sleep in his bed.). Birthday success!

Saturday the 17th  //

Mimi and Poppy (my mom and dad) drove up from Kentucky to spend the weekend with us for Ari’s party. After they arrived, we decided to grab some lunch (aka – satisfy my craving for soup) before going Trunk or Treating at the YMCA!

Last year, Ari seemed to catch on(ish) to Trick or Treating, but this year, as a “big boy,” as he so refers to himself, I figured he would go nuts for it.

I was right. He now knows what candy is. So the idea of dressing up in a costume and getting free candy was more than appealing to him. He had a fabulous time. And, although I had no idea, the Y was apparently doing an open house… so the gymnastics area was completely open for the kids to run and play!

It was pretty much the perfect way to spend a (very chilly) Saturday.

Sunday the 18th  //

The big day had arrived! Luckily, I had planned ahead enough to not be stressed for the day of the party. My mom and I ran out Sunday morning, sans Ari, to get a couple of last-minute items (like to pick up his balloons) and all of us were ready to leave the house an hour before the party was set to start (!!!!!). Guys. This is a miracle in itself.

We had planned the party to be a — big surprise — Minions/Gymnastics Party at the YMCA. Yep. This kid LOVES taking his gymnastics classes. And what better way to get a bunch of kids to have fun, right!?

So I may have gone a tad bit overboard with the Minion-themed food… Cookie Robots. Minion Munch. El Machos Salsa. Unicorn Horns. Unicorn Fur. Ha.

Caterpillars (aka – Cheetos). Anti-gravity Serum. My Mom’s Bad*** Minion Cake.

The party was, by all accounts, a complete success! The kids were fed, the adults snacked + mingled, and then it was time to play

The adults may have gotten into gymnastics a tad bit, too. Gymnastics play time started with the “rules,” which were quickly thrown out the window. And all of the adults and kids went nuts! Ha.

Monday the 19th  // 

Yeah, yeah. The weekend (and his birthday shenanigans) were technically over. But that Monday he had his 3 year well-baby checkup. As expected, he barely gained any weight and height. Ha. At his 2 year visit I’m pretty sure he weighed in at 25 pounds. At this 3 year visit?? Twenty-six pounds. 2-6. Yep. Well, he’s still in the second percentile for weight. Ha! Oh, and he’s 35″. Which is a miracle (and probably gained 2-inches from his shoes).

Aaaand then we all crashed from exhaustion and I got sick for days… 🙂

I know that after Ari’s very Yo Gabba Gabba first birthday bash I promised I wouldn’t do another over-the-top birthday; but something about having a last hurrah for our ‘only child’ was appealing to me. I’m sure next year I’ll be back to business-as-usual throwing things together haphazardly. 🙂

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