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October 26, 2015 in mantra

This week I’m trying my best to keep my chin up. But I have to admit, I’m feeling majorly depressed right now. I’m in the funk of all funks. And it is just… awful.

I believe I’ve shed enough tears over the last few weeks… And, although I’ve tried not to complain this pregnancy (’cause lets be real — I really am HAPPY to be pregnant), I’m officially… just… sad and upset and pregnant. And to everyone who has or currently is struggling to be pregnant who may or may not be reading this… I know I am lucky. TRUST me, I know. But that doesn’t mean I can’t be depressed and pregnant. And that’s why I’m saying it out loud, now. Because I’m owning it.

I’m addicted to sleep. Still.

I wish for the fog to lift and to find a new balance in life.

I’m happy (still) to be alive and to be harboring the most loved little uterus-fugitive I’ve never met. ♥

Weekly Mantra:

My to-do list is a mile long these days… and you would think that I would be able to knock things off left and right, considering I’m “home” sick nonstop; but that’s not the way things have been working out as of late. I’m mega behind on housework and even further behind with playing catch up on the blog. But it will all happen, right?

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