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October 21, 2015 in life,mantra,pregnancy

This week‘s already half over. And I’m feeling half alive.

I believe in holding my family close to me and hugging them every. single. night. Life is short, friends.

I’m addicted to getting as much sleep as humanly possible. Which means I spend a LOT of time in bed. Like, a LOT. Which makes me, perhaps, the least social person I know. I’ve hardly even been able to muster up the energy for stalking twitter or instagram… especially in the last week. I’m not even able to be social via social media! Ha!

I wish for health and recovery.

I’m happy to be alive and to be harboring the most loved little uterus-fugitive I’ve never met. ♥

Weekly Mantra:

I totally need this reminder. Daily. Seriously. I, just like most people, am guilty of waking up with dread on my heart… hanging heavy from the day, week, and month before. Sigh. So if you’re like me, let’s start this day… fresh!

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