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October 10, 2015 in life,life with a toddler,pregnancy

Just a quick update. Since Monday evening I’ve been super sick. I can’t sleep and I’m constantly throwing up — even more than usual. I am still attempting to eat, but it only temporarily makes me feel better. So yeah, I’ve been quiet on social media as of late. And I’m in a major, major funk.

Averaging about 3 hours of sleep a night is… rough. And for whatever reason, Moosh hasn’t been sleeping well either. So it’s been an extra fun week. Needless to say, I’m exhausted. We’re all exhausted. I’m ready for a break. I’m definitely down about everything. And that alone is exhausting.

Top it off with a toddler having a meltdown in public? Yeah. Just,… yeah.

In other news, yesterday marked my due date with Moosh just three short years ago…

… and the week that followed was the longest week of my life. I suppose kind of like this week.

And for whatever reason I’m feeling incredibly sentimental about Ari’s upcoming 3rd birthday. Perhaps it’s because it’s the last birthday he’ll have as an only child? I’m certain of it. Certain!

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