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September 21, 2015 in mantra

This week I’m hoping for the best! I was sick most of the weekend (throwing up nonstop again) and barely got any sleep; so I’m hoping I start to get the rest and relief I am SO in desperate need of!

I believe that my health, and the health of my family, is of utmost importance. I realize that I’ve taken it for granted in the past. but there’s something about being pregnant AND sick that really gives a person a new perspective. I have to keep myself as healthy as possible (or try to keep myself as hydrated as full of nutrients as possible) for this little squatter in my uterus!

I’m addicted to ice water. Still. And flaky, doughy foods. Yum!

I wish Moosh was feeling better. 🙁 Yeah, I know; I’ve been sick, too. But he’s been a bit under the weather for the last few days and it breaks my heart. (Sidenote: It isn’t fun helping him in between bouts of throwing up, myself!)

I’m happy on chilly fall days! Hooray for football season! I’m totally enjoying being a homebody on Saturdays and Sundays when football is on!

Weekly Mantra: I absolutely need this mantra this week. I saw it from a friend on FB and thought “THIS!” It’s true. We can’t always stop the troubles from tomorrow, but worrying about them takes away any sense of peace you can get from today.

Hope you have a lovely week, friends!

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