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One of the main reasons I was so anxious to find out if we were expecting another little boy or our first baby girl, was because I want to either: a. pack all of our boy stuff up (I’m not ready to part with it yet), or b. look for all new awesome girl stuff.

Sooo obviously you know what I’ve been up to over the last week. The search is on! And as much as I truly adore boy clothes (seriously they are SO cute), there are some equally adorable girl clothes. Bonus? I tore through my bins of clothes to find the baby girl clothes I hid away about 13 years ago! 🙂

But here are some things on my “Baby Girl Wish List” right now (because let’s be real… it’s going to grow).

Hello World
This Hello World newborn gown.
From Etsy shop ShopVivaLaGlitter

feed me
This Feed Me + Tell Me I’m Pretty outfit.
From Etsy Shop Three Sweet Limes.

This Personalized Name Blanket.
From Jennifer Ann. carters

This completely unrealistic Faux Fur Vest.
From Carters.


This Gold Leaf Headband.
From Etsy shop WildJuniper.
And pretty much everything else in this shop.

Aaaand this is just the start of my wish list. I can see it just growing and growing over the next several months.

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