I just need to vent

August 6, 2015 in annoyances,life,thoughts

It’s OK if you just ignore this post. It’s really for me to just put it out in the universe and be done with it. A little vent-sesh, if you will.

So our new vehicle was broken into last night in the YMCA parking lot while Ari was in gymnastics. In broad daylight. And so were THREE other cars. In addition to the broken window, my purse was stolen, along with my wallet, debit card, drivers license, and my Day Planner (including all four pictures of our sonograms).

Chad was understandably upset that his car was broken into, but happy that they didn’t take his phone OR THE CAR! And, sure, it threw our whole night for a loop, but the cop did a stellar job at getting all the information (and FINGERPRINTS! from another car).

But here are things I just need to vent about:

1. My wallet. It had exactly $2 in change in it. No cash. Plus it was a Tory Burch wristlet. I know, I know… #firstworldproblems. But I’m honestly less concerned about the brand, and more upset that I have to find a new wristlet (which is super convenient while lugging around a toddler).

2. My wallet did, however, have my debit card in it (which was cancelled right away — without any pending charges), my license, our zoo membership pass, and our Café O’Play membership pass. Luckily the gals over at Café O’Play know us well enough to (very likely) just replace the card. However, the zoo membership will need to be replaced in person, likely with photo ID (which I do not have right now). It’s just frustrating.

3. I’ve been so sick. And the last thing I want to do is go have everything replaced, close accounts, and reopen new ones, all for exactly zero dollars in cash. And to have my picture taken for a new license while pregnant.

4. My Day Planner. Guys. I loved this planner. And I write EVERYTHING down in it. Everything. To-do lists, events, play dates… everything. Plus the sonogram pictures are in there. And I just feel so violated. Someone knows the inner workings of my life! I know. Silly, right? But still. They know my schedule. My doctors appointments. Ari’s gymnastics and swim lessons. PLUS they have our address. They know where we live.


We are all (relatively speaking) healthy. We are all OK. We are unharmed, physically. Even as I was typing above, I realized how silly I sound. And I think that I really needed to put it all out there to be able to move on. Sure, it’s super inconvenient; but we are OKAY! Sigh. OK. End rant.

I’m grateful for my husband and his ability to be the level-headed one, our son for his attention to detail and his joy (“Mommy’s purse is gone. Someone went ‘bam-bam’ and take it!”), our community for the dozen people who offered help and ‘condolences,’ our law enforcement for their diligence in gathering evidence, our friends for hanging with Ari (and feeding him while we talked to the cops), and again for my husband for reminding me that life is more than the contents of my purse and the car window. ♥

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