a bumpdate! 17+ weeks!

August 16, 2015 in babies,children,family,health,life,mommyhood,Oh baby!,parenthood,pictures,pregnancy,sick

OK, so compared to when I was pregnant with Moosh, I have been seriously slacking in the documentation of this pregnancy. Perhaps that’s because there hasn’t been much to document, other than the nonstop illness.

But other than the hyperemesis, this pregnancy has been healthy. Well, at least for the baby!

The Bump — This is my first bump picture of this pregnancy. And yes, I had to take a picture of just the belly. Do you know what the face of someone who throws up 7+ times a day looks like?? Not good, friends. Not good.

I’m officially 17.5 weeks pregnant, throwing up an average of 7 times a day (still), and somehow I’ve managed to gain 3 pounds.

Cravings — Not much, really. But when hunger strikes (and it isn’t haunted by vomiting), I desperately want fruity Toaster Strudels or Annie’s Shells + Cheese. Seriously. It’s weird. Much different than my beef craving last time around!

Aversions — No true food aversions, though I find meat that is warm to be a little gross (think like a hot hamburger). As far as other aversions, I have been gagging while brushing my teeth. I can’t manage to brush them without throwing up. Ugh.

Stretch Marks — The old ones have come back with full force! Ha! I’m not worried though. For whatever reason, they don’t bother me at all.

Sleep — My medicine for my hyperemesis makes me incredibly drowsy (they are literally heavy sedatives). Which means I sleep heavy. But I also wake up many, many, times to throw up. Blah.

Movement — I’ve been feeling movement for weeks now! It’s exciting to know what to look (and feel) for this time! And this kid can move! Can’t wait to start feeling this baby even more!

What I’m Looking Forward To — Our anatomy scan is in just a couple of weeks. I can’t wait to find out if I’ll continue being a #boymom, or if I’ll have to juggle bows + dresses, too!

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